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SQL Server Code to Find Size of Tables Within a Database and ORDER BY table size

Web Bureau

22 September 2011 by Web Bureau

Found this script which allows you to order by table size


-- Count All Rows and Size of Table by


TableName =,

TotalRows = prt.rows,

[SpaceUsed(KB)] = SUM(alloc.used_pages)*8

FROM sys.objects obj

JOIN sys.indexes idx on obj.object_id = idx.object_id

JOIN sys.partitions prt on obj.object_id = prt.object_id

JOIN sys.allocation_units alloc on alloc.container_id = prt.partition_id


obj.type = 'U' AND idx.index_id IN (0, 1)

GROUP BY, prt.rows

ORDER BY [SpaceUsed(KB)] desc 

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