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mp3 to audiobook conversion

Web Bureau

17 May 2011 by Web Bureau

mp3 to m4b Conversion 


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To complete this we need to use another free tool called MergeMP3 to combine all the mp3 fragment files into a single mp3 file of the whole book. I’m careful to include the proper mp3 Tags like title, author, and album (same as title) in this step. Then I drag the finished full-book mp3 file into iTunes and it immediately adds the file to my library – but as music, not an audiobook. Next I locate this file in the iTunes music library under the artist (author) and Right-Click the title and select Create AAC Version. iTunes now converts the mp3 to an AAC format called m4a. This takes a few minutes and is the longest part of the process. When complete, I locate the m4a file and change the extension to m4b. The file is the same, just a slightly different name. Finally, back to iTunes and under File I select Add a file to Library and locate the new m4b (b for book) file and it will be added to the audiobooks category. I can go back to the music category and delete the original mp3 file and also delete it from the folder on my computer.

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