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Payment Gateway Merchant Integration - Paypal

Web Bureau

19 January 2011 by Web Bureau

Steps to get this nasty payment gateway up and running:

Remember that if you add a paypal styled button on your checkout page that stats prove this can be detrimental to sales - your main checkout button should always be the most prominent feature. studies show that consumers prefer to checkout with their credit cards in the standard format rather than paypal.

  1. setup a sandbox account - quite possibly the most confusing thing you have ever done!!!!
  2. Once you are in sandbox make sure to setup a business account - u can setup a customer account as well.
  3. These account details are to be used for sending the info across to the sandbox account ie. email address & password
  4. Go into "profile" tab in the business account you created in the step above:
    • click "INstant Payment Notification" to setup IPN
      • For IPN just set the postback page that you wish to return to
      • From this page you can set all backen processing e.g. updating order status etc..
    • click "Website Payment Preference" to setup PDT
  5. When putting an order though make sure you are signed in when using the sandbox - this was my big mistake

    PLEASE NOTE: the auto return feature will not work with paypal accounts standard - it will only work if you have a paypal account setup

In this case the best scenario is to switch "Account Optional" to"OFF" thereby not allowing them to purchase your goods if they dont have paypal

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