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Database Engine Tuning Advisor - Install

Web Bureau

07 April 2014 by Web Bureau

Ok so here's the scenario - it was late in the evening and before i could go home all i needed to do was to optimise one last piece of SQL. I opened SQL management studio but to my shock and horror - the option for the tuning advisor was not available. Ok so i jumped onto Google but couldnt not find a definitive answer.

I returned the next day with stronger determination and decided to have another go. I did have a few issues though. Firstly i got my original installation media and opened it up -  on Management Studio the only tools installed were the basic tools.  Everything was greyed out but it did tell me i needed to upgrade using the  SQL Server 2012 Upgrade Tool. So i did this using a feature that was on the installation media ie. under the installation menu there is an upgrade option.  This only took a few seconds to run. After that i was then able to upgrade the features that i needed as i ran thought the "Add features to an existing installation" wizard.


After this it all worked 100% and the feature was now installed .


hope this helps someone else.



Server 2012 Edition Upgrade Wizard


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